I’m still learn writing in english, i hope my activity writing in my blog will increase my English, in my blog i have follower who use English in his blog so i hope i can learn from other blogger, i hope my follower use English for interaction with me, maybe my English is still not good but i will learn so i hope my english will increase time by time.
In highschool my English is good but i forget some because i graduated for a longtime ago from highschool, so if English is rare for use maybe your English will decraese, maybe if my mother use english from i’m born to the earth maybe my english will good but in my social circle life it use Bahasa or Indonesian Language. I learn english because i get info this is international language, right?. So i hope my post will spread around the world, if i write in Bahasa my audience or viewer my blog is much from Indonesian and little from other country, i want my post can spread to the world.
I’m still learn for read english too, i use dictionary in smartphone so if i don’t know what that mean, i open than search what it mean. I still confuse for write in English, i still learn it.

#OneDayOnePostChallenge #Writing Challenge #DoYourBest

26 thoughts on “English

  1. You will speak and write English well very soon.. As you are working to better your language up… Good luck!!

  2. This is a great idea. I am trying to learn Spanish as an adult and it is hard to learn another language if you don’t do it as a child. I wish you well. The more you practice, the better you will get!

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