I have much book about self help, self improvement, motivate, character improvement, etc, I will read mich of my book than write a little about that knowledge in my blog. I choose my blog near to the book blog specification. I’m collecter of a lot of book but just a little bit of my collection has read it, my time spend a lot in my blog, i grow up my blog until now have much of follower, likers, audience from other country, I will create a tribe than will spread the knowledge I have, I has listen to the audiobook from Seth Godin – Tribes, i will use my knowledge to create a bigger tribe and make some money, now i just write what in my mind about, i still confuse what will i write about but i join in to One Day One Post Challenge, so do my best for write One Day One Post, just write, for today this is my post, i has search in youtube about booktube, maybe next i will search in instagram, i has join in facebook group about book, i learn something in offline than share a little to the internet, now i focus for searching the knowledge for create a beautiful post, before it I must have a beautiful mind, I remember about “How to Have a Beautiful Mind – Edward de Bono”, it’s good book, i has read it. Maybe for now, this is my short post, i practice my English writing in here, I still learn, I need your support. Now in my country is 11:56 PM, i’m tired need sleep, so good night my blogger friends. Keep writing.

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