Blogwalking Without Advertisement in WordPress

I have short tips for blogwalking without advertisement below post in wordpress, if you blogwalking to blog who still use blog wordpress for free, i suggest for log in first in to your wordpress and not log out your account wordpress than blogwalking into blog wordpress for free, insyaallah you will not find advertisement bellow the post, but if you blogwalking into wordpress who has upgrade to personal and up from that maybe that blog is without advertisement, so you must blogwalking without log out your account wordpress. Second tips is use browser who can advertisement block, if in my smart phone I use opera mini, it can Ad-block, you edit the setting than switch on the Ad-block fiture. This is my short simple tips for blogwalking without advertisement in wordpress. Happy blogging.

19 thoughts on “Blogwalking Without Advertisement in WordPress

  1. Sip, Mas.. makin bagus kualitas bahasa Inggrisnya daripada post sebelumnya, meski ada beberapa grammatical error. Untuk mengecek grammar mungkin bisa pakai ini:
    Dari situ bisa tau mana yang salah dan juga ada penjelasannya.

    Selanjutnya ada saran dari teman, menulis bahasa Inggris bukan berarti menterjemahkan dari bahasa Indonesia ke bahasa Inggris, tapi lebih kepada menginterpretasikan dari bahasa INdonesia ke Inggris. Memang ini sulit, Saya sendiri masih belajar dalam soal ini.

    Tetap semangat, Mas.

    • Thanks for your advice, I’m still learn, maybe day by day my English will be better. My audience become bigger if I use English even if like this better than use Bahasa in writing in my blog.

        • As a two cents from me, I tried to rewrite your article as follow:

          “I have some short tips for blogwalking without ads in WordPress. First, log in to your WordPress account before doing blogwalking to a free wordpress. Insya Allah you will not find any ads on it. However, it is not necessary if you do blogwalking to upgraded WordPress as the blog is ads free. Second, use browser with ads block feature. In smartphone, I use opera mini which has Ad-block feature in the setting part. Those are my tips to do blogwalking without ads in wordpress. Happy blogging.”

          Of course it beyond to perfect. But, we can make it perfect someday. Just keep learning everyday.
          Sorry I used your post as a practice material. I hope you don’t mind.
          Have a good days.

            • With pleasure, and off course you can rewrite it again to fit your own writing style.
              Btw, I have other suggestions. As beginner, avoid using complex sentences. I suggest to use short sentences to avoid mistakes and wrong interpretation. As long a sentence have Subject and Predicate, which should be clearly state, it will be sufficient.
              Second, put the comma (,) and full-stop (.) properly, as well as the use of capital letter for “I” and at the beginning of sentences. This will make the articles easy to read and understand.

  2. Keep the spirit, always practice insya Allah you’ll be success!! Honestly, I’m really proud of you who want to try to write in English! English is my major of study at the academy but now I never use it especially in a writing. When I read your post in English, I get my motivation to write in English also.
    Let’s always practice!!
    Success for you!

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