Share Experience 8 Years for Blogging

I will tell the story about how I can know about world of blogging, my first time i create blog is in blogspot in 2009, it’s first time i have blog, for first time I’m so confuse for what I writing about but now I write just flow what in my mind, I will share a little part of the knowledge about blogging, if I choose I will choose wordpress, but for some reason it depends of what you need for, I think world of internet is have 4 classification by champion of image based, text based, sound based, and video based. I think if only text based the winner is medium because it’s champion of rich good of article, if image based I think the instagram the winner, if sound based I think the soundcloud is the winner, and video based I think the youtube is the winner. Blogging if I think the second winner for only text based, because in blog you can much add picture, so if only text based I think the medium is win.

I think if by usually of used maybe, blogger is usually used by search money with advertisement like google adsense and personal blog too with no advertisement, wordpress is usually used by travel blogger and personal blog too with what their love, medium is usually used by writing artikel, tumblr is usually used by poem, literature, poetry, image photography maybe tumblr is like instagram with more character and more of feature, tumblr can chat with other user.

Now the platform for blogging is so much, I think the winner for blogging is wordpress, the second winner is blogger, the third winner is tumblr and the fourth winner is medium.
Wordpress much of feature, I like the feature of automatic share to other social media, top post by liked in post, easily for email subscription it’s not need for setting configuration like in blogger, if in blogger you need setting the feed burner after you add widget, follow wordpress is easily for follow back, simple for used it’s easy and the notification is like social media.

I think blogger the winner for viewer from googling, if you search for much of viewer I recommendation you use blogger but if you search connection I recommendation you used wordpress because it’s simple for follow back and the notification like social media. I has see blogger with +20.000.00 or twenty million more page views but never see wordpress with same viewer or more, so from that I think the blogger is winner for page views.

I recommendation you use facebook page and group for join with blogger community, you can search it from your facebook, search in instagram like blogger united kingdom, search in twitter like blogger united kingdom, etc.

Your blog is like place tour, think about how people interest with your blog for come, or think about how to create follower is chase to you maybe I think with your beautiful post. I recommendation you create much of beuatiful post insyaallah follower will automatically chase to you.

Now maybe I’m falling in love with blogging, because blogging is worthed than social media, home in blogging is more worthed because I read more of good artikel, my knowledge is grow up, and I have follower from other country, I learn English in here too, so I tried harder for writing maybe I need more time for doing for increase my skill of writing in English.

You need writing post in English for get more viewers, I usually writing in my language than I comparison between use Bahasa or Indonesian language and I use English in writing and the result is the more much audience and viewers is if you use English in your post for writing. I recommendation you use English for your post and if you have article with your language like me in Bahasa, i suggest you for repost with English language but not use google translate, I recommendation translate by you, maybe you learn how to translate in to English with this activity. This is short tips from my experience.

5 thoughts on “Share Experience 8 Years for Blogging

  1. Thanks for the infos, I joined blogger groups on Facebook too, but it doesn’t seem to bring a big help. Most of the people just see and like your posts. Any advice about it? Thanks! Good luck πŸ™‚

  2. maaf ya masbro tulisan ini grammarnya “ngacapruk” saran saya
    1. fokus menulis dalam bahasa Indonesia sebelum menguasai bahasa lain.
    2. fokus memuat konten blog yang benar-benar bermanfaat buat orang lain
    3. fokus menulis konten yang kamu kuasai
    4. jika kekeuh ingin mengunakan bahasa Inggris sebaiknya belajar dulu sampai benar-benar mengasainya

    Menulis dengan bahasa Indonesia saja mukan hal yang mudah, apalagi bahasa asing, jadi tidak cukup dengan bermodalkan Google translate.

    Anggap saya sebagai saran yang membangun dari seorang teman

    • Melakukan yang terbaik semampumu itu lebih baik dari pada tidak sama sekali, namanya juga masih belajar, fokus membuat konten yang benar-benar menguntungkan buat diriku, lebih baik percaya diri menulis bahasa inggris seperti ini dari pada tidak sama sekali karena masih belajar, kontennya semampunya aja gak apa-apa, gak perlu sampe benar-benar menguasainya karena memang boleh aja menulis dengan bahasa inggris semampunya. Thanks masukannya.

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