University of Life

I have blog with much of follower, I think if I post something I like a teacher give some knowledge to the audience, now i have 883 followers in this blog at WP, my statistic is if I post one day one post, I see is more 100 views for a day in average, so in my mind if in the classroom their have 40 student views teacher who share his knowledge, so if I share my knowledge to my blog it’s looks like same but maybe with different technique. So if one post can get 40 views more maybe it’s like in the 1 classroom with 40 views student views my post, than if one post get 80 views it’s look like in to 2 classroom for share my post.
I share my knowledge in this blog, it’s just platform for share, I search knowledge more in offline like book, talking with someone who have much of experience maybe have much of timeflight, and a little my experience.
You can get knowledge with your smartphone, you can read some ebook, watch video with knowledge inside not only trigger your emotion like drama, listen to some podcast with knowledge inside too. I has read quote in library this quote is “what we read is what we become”, you can think what is quote about. I join into public library too but now is so rare to go to the library because I have much book.
I think if we are learn something focus with seriously, maybe we are like college in university of live, we must smart for search knowledge, “how to get much knowledge we need with smallest we pay”, thinking about that.
We must near with smart people and far away from stupid people. My teacher tell me about stupid people is defeated with smart people, smart people is defeated with bright people and bright people is defeated with lucky people.
Lazy can make someone stupid, maybe not stupid people but lazy people. We don’t be slave to the world because stupid, we must smart or more higher than this for we become strongest people, strongest in rich, strongest in knowledge, strongest in etc. We must control our life for don’t be as slave, don’t be slave with technology, don’t be slave with money, don’t be slave because poor fo knowledge. We must fight against stupid, we must fight against poor, we must to be rich of knowledge because knowledge is more worthed than hardwork, maybe it’s called smartwork, use your brain better than use your muscle. We must think, think and think again how to rich knowledge with smallest pay. Poor of knowledge is near with poor money nad on the other way rich knowledge is near with rich money.
Knowledge is everywhere, we can learn from nature, maybe it’s called language of the nature, we read them than we can get knowledge, we can learn from people with much of flighttime, more experience from us, we can learn from smartphone with read an ebook, listen to the audio podcast, watch video in youtube for some knowledge we search, etc. We must think how to use effectiveness time we have for get much of knowledge with smallest pay. Think, think, and think. Ok!


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