I have plan for create an ebook about post-post in my blog, maybe like repost post in my blog than create an ebook but it still plan, it’s still inside my mind, it’s still only plan, I don’t know I will realize it or not. I think sell an ebook is a good idea, sell an ebook lock by password and than he must buy with pay via transfer bank or etc. I think this is good idea, sell ebook than can get money, but this is will sold or not, the important is I has do my best.
Ebook is a good choice because you can sell it, if you create an book maybe it’s must approve by publisher, but if you create an ebook you just create than sell, than looks it’s any people will buy or not, ebook it’s very easy for publish than you create book to publisher.
Ebook is more cheap than create a book, ebook can copy only with copy-paste but a book must printout, ebook have weakness if your data is force by virus so your ebook can destriyed by that.
It’s still my planing so I don’t know I will create that or not, I just share inside my mind, sell an ebook maybe good idea, just copy-paste what has I post in blog than convert an ebook, maybe it’s simple.
Ebook can read by smartphone, it’s so effectively if you have spare time and you don’t know what will you do in waiting time, so maybe good idea is read some ebook, use your time effectively, maybe more book has you read more knowledge you have, it’s better than your spare time is use by play some game, video streaming lessusefull or browse social media. Read an ebook is more worthed we spend our spare time than we use for lessusefull activity. We can get some knowledge with download an ebook from internet than we read it, it’s cheap if we download an ebook with free, we must diligent for read book for get much knowledge for get better life. SELL AN EBOOK is good idea. : ))

8 thoughts on “EBOOK IS THE NEXT PLAN

  1. Good motivation and success for you!

    You have to check it again your sentences.

    Ex. I have a plan to make an e book from my posts in my blog.

    From the sentence above can you compare with your first sentence? Also please pay attention using . (Full stop) and coma (,)

    Just try to make the simple sentence with the correct structure also the meaning so your writting its easy to understand. Ok?

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