One Day One Post Challenge

I will do my best for join in to “One Day One Post Challenge”, but i don’t know for how long time i will one day one post, i just join for know the result of my blog. Now i confuse about what i will writing about, maybe just flow write inside in my mind, from this activity maybe i can get knowledge about learn writing in english, i hope my post about my mind, thought, intelligence, idea, and opinion will spread to the world, so i can create a tribe who like to me, famous man is like by much people, i’m happy too for have friends from around the world in this blog, who follow my blog, i must write in English for make my blog go international because if i create a post use my language is Bahasa, my audience is much from Indonesian and little from other country, i want make my audience reader my blog from other country and maybe i will be invite from someone for to be a Speaker in his event, like in university or as a speaker in park like gathering, who want get some knowledge from me, i hope can go to aroun the world with job as a speaker, it’s my dream, i hope come true, i do my best to reach my dreams.
I hope my post is useful for us, i want become a speaker, who invite from around the world, so i can travel around the world too, i will learn about some knowledge than i share some to my blog, maybe knowledge about self-help, motivate, self improvement, self esteem, motivate business, character improvement, religion, etc. I have some book about that so i will read than i will share some knowledge in to my blog.

One day one post challenge, join it, just do your best, the best how long you can do, than see the result nextday. Thanks for read my blog.

#OneDayOnePostChallenge #Writing Challenge #DoYourBest #JustDoIt

15 thoughts on “One Day One Post Challenge

  1. Prompts! If it’s one post it’s a word of the day or what caught your heart or eye. Just as in public speaking, cue cards outlying each point, you can with prompts make a little or big point if you wish. Yay on dreams but two yays I’m moving to them!

  2. I was trying to make one post one week, and it’s hard but fun. I hope I can improve to one day one post. Just like you sometimes I write post in english to improve my english and get international readers haha… learning by doing.

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